How It Works – Photo Packages and My Tour Photos

What we do for you!

We are an all in one photo package system that is free for you to use. You only pay a small per gallery fee for up to 400 photos and that is it! No hidden costs, hidden upgrades, no hassle.

Why Use is for anyone who needs a place to upload photos and then sell photo packages online to their customers. 

We charge a flat rate for each gallery you upload.  This is unique in the industry where people collect the money from your customer, take off 20-25% (or more) of the purchase price, and then cut you the check. At, we want YOU to get the money in your account when the customer orders the photo package.

  • We don't charge a commission on sales.   
  • We don't charge you a monthly fee. 
  • We don't charge startup fees.
  • Only $2.99* per high resolution gallery.  
  • is the only service on the internet that offers you a free, fully functional ecommerce website for free!
  • is run on dedicated servers offering your customers the highest quality image storage and delivery speeds.
  • Social media share buttons on every gallery allow your customers to post their photo packages offering your company free advertising. 
  • Email lists and marketing templates for newsletters and customer retention.
  • By creating an account with, you open new profit centers for revenue for your company with little to no overhead. 

What's included:

 Once you have signed up and been approved, we will make you a fully functional website that is customizable to your specific needs... for FREE!  We host, maintain, and provide a way to track your orders and online photo package sales.  This is what you will get.

  1. A fully functional ecommerce website including contact page, about page, homepage, preview page, purchased page, shopping cart page, product page, and checkout page.  Other pages will be available per customer request and done on a one time basis when setting up the site to the companies specifications. 
  2. One "Store Manager" account login, this is basically the admin who sets up users, prices on your packages, discount coupons, full access to payment methods, and more.  They will also have access to sales records and reports. 
  3. Unlimited other login accounts, including customer service, photographer, and the "web designer" login which will have full functionality of the site and how it looks. You can get your site looking great with our choice of templates or you can redesign completely.  
  4. Unlimited hard disk space on our dedicated server.
  5. Up to 400 pictures per gallery.  This means if you have multiple tours a day and want to put all of them into one gallery, you will be able to sell multiple photo packages to multiple tours with only one gallery price.  Or setup each tour into its own gallery depending on what customer preferences dictate.  Each gallery only costs $2.99*. 
    1. This is important!!!  400 pictures per gallery means volume and value to your customer.  All your photographer has to do is click, click, click. 
    2. No need to pick and choose which pictures to upload saves your photographer time and money.
    3. Each customer will be able to download the pictures for up to one year's time, an unlimited amount of times. 
    4. All photos have a maximum upload size of 2mg per image.  This allows for high quality, high resolution photographs to be delivered to your customer. 
    5. Marketing the photo package is a breeze and a no-brainer for your customer to order.  The value is unmatched. 

What if I don't have a photographer?

If you have customers who need pictures taken, hire a photographer and get started today selling your photo packages on 
Here are some of the reasons why.

  • People oftentimes budget for photo packages of their activities.  If you are not offering a way for them to get photographed and purchase photo packages, you are missing out on an important profit center.
  • Photographers will work on commission.  A 20-40 percent average fee can be setup by you to every package sold.  Therefore, your company is offering a valuable service to  your clients as well as making the lion's share of the commissions for the packages sold.  
  • You can also have one of your existing employees take photographs and offer a modest commission or hire an hourly photograph employee as well.  Your options are limitless. 
  • There is little to no overhead.  By hiring a commission based photographer, all that is necessary is a camera.  We provide the means to sell and distribute the photographs on, your photographer works for commission only, and the digital photographs only need to be uploaded once.  You don't pay for the high resolution gallery until you get an order from your customers.  No money is spent upfront with an unlimited upside potential for sales. 
  • Offering a commission to your employees/photographers motivates them to work harder to make more money!

Free Photo Packages are also available.

Maybe photographs are included in a package you already sell. If this is the case, you can purchase the gallery and then provide your customers with the information necessary to access the account.  

  • Simply gather the emails of the customers you want to have access to the high resolution gallery.
  • Input the email addresses into the gallery's customer email module.
  • Once the gallery is activated and paid for, they will automatically be emailed the password and link to the high resolution gall

Don't let another customer walk out the door.

Many times people are undecided about purchasing a photo packages.  Sometimes they don't have the money or other excuses why they don't want the package at that time. offers a chance to get them back!  

  • Collect emails of everyone on your tour.
  • Input the email addresses into your gallery's customer email module.
  • You can create coupon codes and other incentives to entice them to buy the photo package at a later date. 
  • Customers have the flexibility to browse the preview gallery at home on their time and not during their vacation, then decide whether they want to purchase the package.
  • We recommend giving business cards out to all of your customers with the website to the photo packages so they can see their gallery later and buy it via Paypal, Stripe or Square with their credit/debit card.

* $2.99 per gallery price is the price for a 100 gallery price.  Depending on volume bought, price could be anywhere from $4.99 per gallery to $2.99 per gallery. 


Let's break it down in a simply way to understand how My Tour Photos can help your business succeed in selling online photo packages.

Why use My Tour Photos?

  • No Commission, Startup or Monthly Fees!
  • Only $2.99* per high resolution gallery.  
  • Free, fully functional ecommerce website!
  • Dedicated servers offering blazing delivery speeds.
  • Social media share buttons. 
  • Email lists and marketing templates.
  • A new profit centers for revenue for your company.

What is included?

  • A fully functional ecommerce website.
  • Administrator Login
  • Unlimited Other Logins
  • Unlimited Space
  • Up to 400 pictures per gallery.  
  • Email Modules
  • And Much More!

Do I need a photographer?

  • People include photo packages in their budget.
  • Photographers will work on commission only.
  • There is little to no overhead by hiring a commission based photographer.
  • Offering a commission to your employees increases motivation to sell.

Provide Free Photo Packages.

  • Gather an email list of customers and potential customers.
  • Utilize the automated Email Module to provide free access.
  • Automatically send out the password once activating the gallery. 
  • Easy option for packages that already include photos. 

Don't lose another customer!

  • Collect emails of everyone on your tour.
  • Input the email addresses into your Email Module.
  • Create coupon codes and other incentives to entice purchases. 
  • No buy now, high pressure sales, provides customer flexibility.
  • Multiple payment options to your own bank account.
  • Auto-email offers to your potential customers.